Every tourist who visits Ibiza wishes to take some Formentera holidays on board of a boat. Ibiza boat trips are among the main activities most demanded by everyone who visits the islands. In this post we will analyze the various Formentera holidays on board of a boat options and the various possibilities of Ibiza boat trips. We will focus on the Island of Formentera and south and southwest of the Island of Ibiza. In later posts we will analyze other areas of the islands.


Formentera holidays


Before commenting on the different possibilities that the Island of Formentera offers us, it is convenient to analyze some of the meteorological conditions that we will find in the islands before embarking on our Formentera holidays on board of a boat. The predominant wind during the summer season in Eastern. When it is blowing from the East, the most sheltered zone of the Island of Formentera will be the Western side. In addition, if the weather conditions suddenly changes, the Island of Formentera offers different places where we can find shelter.


Formentera holidays: the beaches of Illetes


To make these Ibiza boat trips, we will leave from the beach of Ses Salines, in Ibiza. We will maintain a south course receiving the wind through our port side until we will reach the beaches of Illetes. The journey will last around an hour.

The beaches of Illetes constitute one of the most frequented Formentera holidays destination. Its crystalline turquoise waters are of incomparable beauty. Its fine coral sand can be compared to the sand of any other Caribbean destination. From the far North of the Island of Formentera to the port of La Savina, we find several places to anchor.

Formentera holidays on board of a boat is one of the most popular activities for all tourists who come to the islands. In the picture you can see the beaches of Illetes, Formentera

The beaches of Illetes are considered to be some of the best in the world. The most interesting place to enjoy our Formentera holidays on board of a boat is the one between the far North of the Island of Formentera and the first restaurant we find “Es Ministre”. If you want to taste good rice, the restaurant “El Pirata” is OK and is not too expensive. In front of the restaurant “Es Molí de Sal” there are some sandbanks to anchor surrounded by crystal clear waters. Setting sail to the South, we find the beach bar “El Tiburón” and the mythical “Beso Beach”, where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets. Another interesting place to enjoy our Formentera holidays on board of a boat is the southern end of the beaches of Illetes, near the port of La Savina, in front of the restaurant “Sa Sequi”. This restaurant is the one that has the best value for money in the whole area.


Formentera holidays: Cala Saona


Cala Saona is a great option for our Formentera holidays on board of a boat. Cala Saona is located on the West side of Formentera. It will take us one hour and twenty minutes to reach Cala Saona from Ses Salines Beach. Our favorite Formentera holidays destination to make a boat trip will be found heading to the South, leaving Cala Saona on our port side, in a cliff area known as the caves of Cala Saona.

If you rent a boat in Formentera you will access places of incomparable beauty such as the North wall of Cala Saona

Our clients, during our Formentera holidays, will snorkel and dive with our expert skipper to the inside of the caves. The caves are at a depth of one and a half meters, have air inside and can hold up to ten people inside. In this picture you can see the incredible turquoise blue color of the crystal clear waters of Cala Saona as if it were a swimming pool.

In Cala Saona we recommend eating rice in the restaurant “Chacala” or in the restaurant of the hotel “Sol”. Do not forget to take a “mojito” in the small bar that simulates a watchtower of lifeguards on the beach that is on the left side of the cove.


Formentera holidays: Es Palmador


Maybe the most popular Formentera holidays destination of the whole Island. The Island of Es Palmador is a private Island located in the North of the Island of Formentera. Sailing from Ses Salines Beach, heading to the South, we will reach Es Palmador in forty five minutes. The Island is a Natural Park, Community Interest Area (CIA) and Special Protection Area for Birds. If we go to this Formentera holidays destination we recommend renting a buoy at S’Alga Beach, a beach that is placed in the small interior bay in the middle of the Island. S’Alga Beach is a three KM beach of coral sand (pink colour). The perfect place for a Formentera holidays destination. The Island of Es Palmador, at its southernmost point, communicates through an isthmus of shallow waters with the Island of Formentera. This path is known as Es Trucador (El Paso). If you choose this Formentera holidays destination, do not forget to cross this path. Whenever you do this Formentera holidays destination, do not forget to bring food and drink. There are not establishments that sell food or drinks on the Island. Also, it is convenient that you bring a beach umbrella.


Ibiza boat trips


As we said before, before embarking on our Ibiza boat trips, we must analyze the weather conditions in the summer. Considering that the predominant winds are of East component, we will make our Ibiza boat trips along the South and the Southwest coast of the Island. Also with tramontana winds (North wind), the South and the Southwest of the Island are great options.


Ibiza boat trips: Cala D’Hort


If we decide to make these Ibiza boat trips, we will embark our clients on the beach of Ses Salines and we will head to the West-Northwest towards Cala D’Hort. On our starboard side, we will leave Es Còdols and Ibiza Airport, Cala Jondal and Es Cubells to reach Cape of Llentrisca, glimpsing the imposing Es Vedrà rock. These Ibiza boat trips will take us one hour and twenty minutes.

After having passed the Cape Llentrisca, our expert skipper will take you to Atlantis, an old canteen from which the rock was extracted to make the marés with which they built the houses of the villages. The traces of the peaks of the stonemasons that extracted the rocks, draw geometric shapes that recall the remains of a lost civilization. The waters in this area are of an incomparable crystal blue.

Ibiza boat trips will take you to places of incomparable beaty. In the picture you can see a young woman enjoying the beautiful views of Es Vedrà

After enjoying the bath, our skipper will head to Es Vedranell, the smaller of the two islands. In the interior of Es Vedranell there is a natural lagoon in which our clients can take a bath. Then, we will set sail between the islands of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell until we will reach the small Island of Sa Galera. Finally we will head towards Cala D’Hort where our customers can taste a “bullit des peix” in the famous restaurant “Es Boldadó”.


Ibiza boat trips: Sa Caleta


One of our favorite Ibiza boat trips is the cove of Sa Caleta. To undertake our Ibiza boat trips to Sa Caleta, we will leave from Ses Salines Beach, heading Northwest.

Formentera boat trips and Ibiza boat trips allow us to access beautiful places only accessible from the sea. In the picture you can see the crystal clear waters of Sa Caleta

After forty five minutes sailing, we will arrive to Sa Caleta. The cove is very small and barely fit five boats anchored inside. Whenever we take Ibiza boat trips to Sa Caleta, our customers use to have lunch in the very famous restaurant paced there, as well named “Sa Caleta”.

Ibiza boat trips: Around the Beach of Ses Salines


There are other kinds of Ibiza boat trips in which the journey time does not exceed twenty minutes. Very close to Ses Salines, we find two paradisiacal destinations: Cala Pluma, Southeast of Playa Ses Salines and Punta Rama, Southwest of Playa Ses Salines.

Cala Pluma is located Southeast of Playa Ses Salines. Cala Pluma is considered a nature reserve. Cala Pluma is one of the most interesting Ibiza boat trips we can make. In Cala Pluma we find small beaches within coves sheltered from the wind. With strong East winds is a great place to take refuge. Its waters of extreme transparency will make us believe that we are in a natural pool.

Crystal clear waters to enjoy from your charter in Ibiza. In the picture you can see Cala Pluma, one of the most beautiful places in Ibiza

Another wonderful destination for our Ibiza boat trips is Punta Rama. Punta Rama is located in the Southwest of Beach of Ses Salines. It is a cove perfectly protected from the easterly winds. The cove is placed at the foot of an imposing cliff about thirty meters high. In the morning it is somewhat dark but, after midday you will enjoy the Sun. The cove can only accommodate three or four boats because of its limited space for anchoring.


Ibiza boat trips: Cala Jondal


For sure, another of the Ibiza boat trips most demanded by our customers. To arrive to Cala Jondal we will leave from Beach of Ses Salines with a Northwest course. We will reach Cala Jondal after forty five minutes sailing. Cala Jondal is a real luxury showcase. Luxurious boats of all types anchor in this cove to access one of the Island’s most famous beach clubs: “Blue Marlin”. To drink a “mojito” in “Blue Marlin” can cost more than 15 Euros. The price of the restaurants that you will find placed in Cala Jondal is excessive. We recommend tasting a hamburger in the restaurant “Tropicana”.


Ibiza boat trips: Es Torrents


One of our favourite Ibiza boat trips. It is located a little more Northwest of Cala Jondal. From Playa Ses Salines it will take us one hour to reach Es Torrents. This area is not usually overly frequented by other boats. Once anchored in Es Torrents, we usually take our clients with the dinghy to Porroig stopping before in Illetes de Porroig and Illeta Grossa to enjoy the bath. At night, there is a beautiful restaurant called “Es Torrents”, where you can enjoy delicious paella.

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