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Our Ibiza boat charter, on August 19, was lucky enough to meet two nice italian families who came to enjoy their summer aboard our sailing boat Alina: Natalia and Michail with their daughter Martina, and Alessandra and Giampaolo with their children Federico and Daddy.

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Ibiza boat charter: on August 19

On August 19, our sailing boat ‘Alina’ was waiting for our Ibiza boat charter customers in the marina of Club Náutico in Ibiza. The first to arrive were Natalia, Martina and Michail. The first to arrive are the first to choose cabin. After having been accommodated, our customers and the skipper went to the supermarket to make purchases of food and drink of the week. Once the products were chosen, the supermarket brought the order to our sailboat, Ibiza boat charter. Once the purchase is made it, it is very important to place it correctly to avoid that things fall down during navigation. Martina, Natalia and Michail, helped our Captain to place the entire purchase on the yacht. At night the rest of our Ibiza boat charter customers, Alessandra, Giampaolo and their two sons, Federico and Daddy, arrived on board. All together they went to have dinner at one of the best restaurants recommended by our Captain, Can Terra. After dinner, we all went to sleep to go sailing soon the next day.

Ibiza boat charter: on August 20

On August 20, our sailing boat Alina, Ibiza boat charter, departed from the port of Ibiza heading towards the Medium Freus. The Freus -which in Ibicenco language means windows- are navigation routes by sea located between the islands of Ibiza and Formentera, through which you can navigate from the east side to the west side. During our journey, we had the wind practically face. Once we passed the Medium Freus, we made a stop at Cala Pluma. After enjoying the bath, we continued our trip to the island of S’Espalmador, where we reserved a buoy for spending the night there.

Crystal clear waters to enjoy from your charter in Ibiza. Cala Pluma, one of the most beautiful places in Ibiza

Ibiza boat charter: on August 21

On August 21, in the morning, we headed northwest until reaching Sa Caleta. In Sa Caleta, our Ibiza boat charter customers enjoyed a delicious meal in the Sa Caleta restaurant. Finally, after enjoying the bath in its clear waters, we went to Cala Jondal. Cala Jondal concentrates some of the most expensive boats in Ibiza. In this natural shelter, we find the famous Blue Marlin Beach Club. Our Ibiza boat charter customers enjoyed this famous beach club having a drink.


Ibiza boat charter: on Augus 22

On August 22 we headed to Es Vedrà. During this voyage, our Ibiza boat charter customers piloted the sailboat. The two families demonstrated great nautical skills while firmly maintaining the course towards our destination. Before reaching Es Vedrà, we anchor on a cliff that recalls the remains of an ancient lost civilization: ‘Atlantis, the submerged city’. There, our Ibiza boat charter customers enjoyed the bath, practiced snorkelling  and stand-up paddle surf and they climbed the rocks and they fished. Federico proved to have great qualities for fishing. What a great fisherman! During this trip, Federico fished almost ten fish.



In the afternoon we headed to Es Vedrà. Our sailing boat, Ibiza boat charter, set sail between the islands of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell. The skipper explained to our clients the story of Father Palau, a Carmelite missionary who made long spiritual retreats on the island of Es Vedrà, where he claimed to have seen the Virgin appear repeatedly. Likewise, he explained other stories and legends about the rock: its extraordinary magnetism, the huge number of UFOs that have been seen flying over the islet…etc. The little ones were fascinated by the stories told by our captain. After having been sailing around Es Vedrà, we went to Cala d’Hort, a natural refuge where we could spend the night at the shelter. That afternoon, our Ibiza boat charter captain prepared a very special sunset for his clients. Our skipper made coincide the end of a beautiful song written by the french composer Bruno Coulais, ‘Le Nouvel Océan’ , with the exact end of the sunset, just when the sun went down on the horizon.


In Cala D’Hort, our Captain took our clients to dinner at one of the best rice restaurants in the islands: Es Boldadó. There, our Ibiza boat charter customers were able to taste its famous dish known as bullit de peix. After dinner, after a pleasant chat on board, we went to sleep. Before sleeping, the Captain showed our families the Scorpion Constellation. How beautiful was the Scorpion Constellation dominating the southern azimuth of the celestial vault! But before continuing, let me introduce you our Ibiza boat charter youngest crew members:

Martina is a very smart and very pretty girl who was aboard Alina, Ibiza boat charter
Martina is a very intelligent and nice girl. She knows very well how to pilot the sailing boat. She loves to bath in the sea and jump from the deck to the water. In the morning she used to wake up early to do gymnastics with the Captain. We will miss her a lot on board.
Daddy is a very nice kid who was aboard Alina, Ibiza boat charter
Daddy is a very funny boy. He loves to play and jump into the water from the boat. He was continually laughing and joking. In addition, Daddy is a very affectionate child and he was always very aware of his father Giampaolo.

Federico is Daddy’s older brother. Federico is a very smart boy. Moreover, he studies Spanish at school and speaks the Spanish language with a very good accent. Federico is a magnificent fisherman. Nobody was able to catch any fish. Only Federico was able to fish them. In total, he caught almost ten fish. The fish, cooked by his mother Alessandra, tasted delicious.


Ibiza boat charter: on August 23

On August 23, our sailing boat, Ibiza boat charter, set sail to Cala Bassa. In Cala Bassa, we made an excursion with the dinghy to the cave of Cala Bassa. It is a cave that allows the entry of a small dinghy or auxiliary boat inside. Inside the cave we find a natural skylight that allows the entrance of the exterior light. In addition, in the waters of the cave rocks that allow the landing inside the cave emerge. After our excursion, we disembarked with the dinghy on the beach and our Ibiza boat charter customers visited the Cala Bassa Beach Club.

In the afternoon, our sailboat, Ibiza boat charter, headed to San Antonio Bay. In San Antonio our clients went ashore to do some shopping. After their return, when the night was fallen, our Captain set sail in the dark towards Cala Comte. According to our Ibiza boat charter clients, the night navigation of that day was the best experience of the whole trip. They loved sailing at night! The only light that could be seen were the navigation lights of our sailboat. Once we reached Cala Comte, we dropped anchor and Alessandra prepared us a delicious Italian pasta.


Ibiza boat charter: on August 24

Italian family enjoying their Ibiza boat charter
On August 24, we started our way back to Ibiza. We set sail to the south. After reaching Es Vedrà again, we headed southeast towards Es Torrent.
Italian family enjoying their yacht charter Ibiza
Some friends of Natalia had recommended to her to visit the zone and to take advantage to go to dinner to a very singular restaurant: Restaurante de Es Torrent. Undoubtedly, one of the best located restaurants in the islands.
Italian family enjoying their location de bateau à Ibiza
Finally, after enjoying the afternoon practicing snorkelling, stand-up paddle and swimming, our Ibiza boat charter customers and our Captain went to dinner together at the aforementioned restaurant.

Finally, after dinner, our Ibiza boat charter families and the Captain were chatting amicably on the deck of the sailing boat ‘Alina’, while they were listening Portuguese Fados. Although the Portuguese Fados are typical of Portugal, there are those who identify their origin with the melancholic songs of the people of the sea. That night was the previous night to our last night so, we started to hear some Fados. The Fado that appears above is the favourite of Alessandra.


Ibiza boat charter: on August 25

In the morning, our Ibiza boat charter customers woke up in the calm waters of Es Torrent. Michail, Giampaolo and our Captain went on an excursion with the dinghy to Porroig. They sailed with the dinghy towards Porroig passing between the Grossa Island and the islets of Porroig. After their return, our sailboat headed to Cala Punta Rama. The cove of Punta Rama is a cove located at the foot of a cliff with a small bottom of sand in which no more than three boats can barely anchor. There we spend the day until the afternoon when we set sail to Medium Freus and from there, to the Port of Ibiza. One moored in Port, our Ibiza boat charter customers went back to dine to Can Terra as the culmination of their sailing week. We have shared all together seven wonderful days on board.


As Captain of the sailboat Alina, Ibiza boat charter, I have felt very comfortable with our two families and I can confess that during the following weeks, I missed them. I hope to see them again. To finish, I want to dedicate one of my favourite songs of Mariza ‘Melhor de mim’. Thanks for your company during the week!

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